Achat / rechargement

First online purchase / ordering a new lift-pass

If you do not already have a hands-free card, continue the different stages of online purchase: selection> order> basket> payment.

A confirmation email is sent at the end of the order. Keep it, you will need it to get you lift-pass, and in the event of loss or complaint to our customer service.
You will also find all the information about your order in your customer account.

To get your lift-passes, there are 2 possibilities:

  • At a ticket office
  • Home delivery (Portes du Soleil liftpasses only. Warning : a delay of 8 days is expected)

Recharging a lift-pass

If you have a hands-free card, you can recharge it online.

  • Connect to your account (or create it if you don't have one)
  • Choose your package (resort, date, duration...)
  • Enter the card number during the "order" step
  • Finalise your order
  • Your lift-pass is activated automatically within a maximum of 15 minutes, without any action on your part or need to go to the cashier

Choice of area: Avoriaz or Portes du Soleil

Avoriaz is one of the 12 resorts in the Portes du Soleil area.

- The Avoriaz area has 34 ski lifts and 75 km of ski slopes

- The Portes du Soleil area is 197 ski lifts and 650 km of ski slopes

The central position of Avoriaz makes it very easy to reach the other stations of the Portes du Soleil and take advantage of a vast skiing area.


Click here to see a piste map with the limits of the 2 areas.


The lift-pass for the Avoriaz area only, is available for 5 hours, 1 day or 2 days.

If you wish to benefit from a longer duration package, only the Portes du Soleil lift-pass will be offered.

Hands-free card

The "hands-free" card is the support for your ski pass. It looks like a bank card. It contains an electronic chip, which makes it possible to trigger the portal to access the ski lifts without removing it from your pocket.


This chip also allows you to recharge your pass online thanks to the number printed on it. Click here to see an example.


The purchase of the "hands-free" card, at a cost of 3€, is compulsory when purchasing a lift-pass for the first time. It is not refundable but can be reused for several years.


Card number

In online sales, when you are asked for a card number when choosing your lift-pass, it is the number of your hands-free card that is used (and not your number credit card). Click here to see an example.

Child liftpass under 5 years old

Lift-passes are free for children under 5, but the "hands-free" card is compulsory (at a cost of 3€).

Proof of civil status will be requested for obtaining it.

This package can be purchased online or at the ski lift ticket offices. However, it is not available in an automatic terminal.

Children who benefit from this lift-pass must be accompanied by an adult with a valid lift-pass.


"sNOwRISK" insurance is offered with the purchase of a winter season lift-pass, to cover you against the risks incurred on the ski area.

The price is 3€ per day.

The duration of the insurance must be identical to that of the lift-pass to which it relates. For example: 6-day lift-pass = 6-day insurance.

This insurance can be purchased online or at the ticket offices.


For online sales, insurance is offered after choosing your lift-pass, when entering information about the user (name, first name...)

Just click on the "yes" button to benefit. Click here to see an example.

ID photo

A photo is compulsory for any lift-pass lasting more than 8 days.

For online purchases, the photo should be uploaded when ordering.

For purchases at a ticket office, the photo is scanned or taken with the webcam of our staff.

Empty your basket / remove a lift-pass from your order

To empty your basket:

  • Click on the "My Basket" link
  • Click on the "Empty Basket" button
  • Confirm the deletion of your basket by clicking on "Agree"


To delete a lift-pass from your order:

  • Click on the "My Basket" link
  • Delete the desired lift-pass in the order summary by clicking on the "Delete" icon in front of the person concerned
  • Confirm the deletion of your lift-pass by clicking on "Agree"