Other Questions

How are Bonus Points calculated ?

When purchasing the "Hands Free" lift pass you get points.

Bonus points can be added up over several years. When you have acquired 200 points, you are entitled to a free day Portes du Soleil.

You cannot add up points from several cards. Bonus points have no monetary value, only passes with 200 or more points are entitled to a free day in the Portes du Soleil.

You can redeem your accumulated points for your free day Portes du Soleil either when you buy online or at the sales points.

What proof do I have to produce to be eligible to the ‘family pass"?

A livret de famille: for families from France.

A composition de ménage: for families from Belgium.

A passport: for families from other countries.

Ski passes are sent 8 days before the first day of skiing at the latest.

What is a WTP number ?

The WTP number is the individual number that is listed at the bottom of your "hands-free" lift pass.

It consists of a series of 8 characters-3 characters-3 characters.

When will I receive my skipass?

Your skipasses will be sent within a maximum of 10 days before.

Can I buy 3-day ski passes or more for the Avoriaz area?

No, the maximum duration for an Avoriaz lift pass is 2 days

What are the differences between the Avoriaz area and the Portes du Soleil ?


34 ski lifts - 75 Km of pistes  ( 1 of 12 stations that make up the Portes du Soleil)

ACCESS :  Super-Morzine Gondola ; Ardent Gondola ; Prodains cable car.


197 ski lifts - 650 Km of pistes (12 resorts including Avoriaz - 2 countries : France/Switzerland).

Is there access to the Prodains cable car with an Avoriaz or Portes du Soleil lift pass ?

Yes, access to the cable car is included in the Avoriaz and Portes du Soleil lift pass price.

Do you have a price for young people?

Yes, there is a category dedicated to youth - which is aimed at 16 to 19 year olds.

Is photo ID required ?

Photos are required for lift passes of 8 days and over, including season passes.