Split payment

So, what does Split payment do?

Split payment helps you split the bill directly between your and your friends at checkout when you buy skis passes. 

You pay only for your skipass.

Split payment will do the nitty gritty work of splitting the bill, emailing payment links to your friends and reminding them to pay for their share.

How does it work exactly ?

You buy ski passes for yourself and your friends as usual, choosing extra items if you wish.

When you checkout, click on “Split payment” and you enter your friends’ emails.

You then enter your bank card for a pre-authorisation to be completed, this way we know that the card is really used by you.

Once the pre-authorisation is confirmed:

  • Serma-Avoriaz records the order
  • The transaction is immediately confirmed and ski passes are made available
  • Your friends receive a payment link via email.
  • Your friends pay for their share by clicking on the payment link they received.
  • Of course there is no free lunch, so if someone does not pay for his / her share after 48 hours, the leader (you) will be debited for their share - this however happens in 0.0001% of the cases.

You know you want to book with Split payment and split the bill

  • You’ll save time on ordering safely for your group.
  • You add the friends directly to the bill via email.
  • Your logistic headache mitigated (from boring pain to proudly managed :)

Wait, I already use peer-to-peer payment apps. How is Split payment more convenient?

Unlike peer-to-peer payment apps, you don’t need to pay upfront for your friends’ ski passes and you don’t need to chase for your money after the transaction is completed.

Split payment is hassle-free.

Do I have to wait for everyone to pay for the order to be completed?

No. As soon as you pre-authorisation has been completed on your card, the order is confirmed and recorded by Serma-Avoriaz

How do my friends pay?

We send them an email with a payment link. It's very easy for them: they simply have to click on the payment link.


How long do my friends have to complete their payment?

Your friends have 48 hours to pay. We also send them a reminder after 24 hours in case they have not paid.

What happens if one of my friends does not pay?

Co-buyers usually pay within hours of the transaction being completed by the leader. Only 3% of people forget to pay after 24 hours. We send them an email to remind them to pay. Until now, all friends have paid on time.

If one of the co-buyers does not pay within 48 hours, we will debit the leader’s card for the outstanding share(s).


From how many skipass can I use Split payment?

Normally, Split payment is used from the purchase of two products. Nevertheless, you can decide to use it to share the payment of a single skipass if you want.

How many ski pass can I order with the Split payment ?

Sky's the limit! The more the merrier ;)

OK that's great but how safe is it to pay this way?

Only the most secure payment providers (ex. MasterCard, Stripe... ) are used to ensure that your information (either your nickname or your payment data) is totally secure, encrypted and invisible to the public.